Methods of cleaning and leveling faucet

2020-11-03 11:47:37

I. cleaning method of faucet

1. The cleaning of faucet seems to be very frugal, but few people do it carefully, which makes the cleaning of faucet difficult. According to the time requirement of finishing faucets, different finishing methods are adopted according to different raw materials, and the finishing strength is also different. For example, electroplated faucets can be scrubbed and cleaned with boiling water mixed with detergent, and even cleaned with some powerful degreasing and decontamination products. But the faucet with wooden appearance can't be so "frugal and rough".

After the faucet is used for a long time, it will produce some scale or rust, which is a normal phenomenon. Customers only need to use wet cloth or sponge, and cooperate with a small amount of special cleaning agent to clean the surface. Use a soft toothbrush to dip in toothpaste, or use a cleaning cloth to dip in toothpaste to scrub quietly. It can clear the scale and oil stain, and make the appearance of tap clean and bright.


II. Maintenance method of faucet

1. In daily life, it is not only necessary to arrange the faucet, but also to carry out maintenance as scheduled. Especially about the faucet in the bathhouse, the impurities need to be sorted out as scheduled to ensure the normal use of the faucet. Because if the water pressure is not lower than 0.02MPa after the faucet is used for a period of time, the water yield will decrease, and even the water heater will turn out to be flameout. Then, the impurities will be removed as scheduled, and the recovery will be as before.

2. Faucet maintenance needs to maintain outstanding usage habits when using. Do not use too much force when opening and closing the faucet. Only need to roll along with the trend. Excessive force will damage the sealing valve of the faucet, resulting in loose faucet and water leakage.

3. As for the faucet in the bathhouse, special attention should be paid to the use of the hose. Some residents will entangle the hose of the faucet on the faucet, which will lead to the hose breaking or damage.

4. When installing the faucet, experienced and qualified professional staff are required to construct the installation. When installing, the faucet should not collide with hard objects, and cement and glue should not be left on the surface, so as to avoid damaging the luster of the outer coating. Remove the debris in the pipe and install the faucet.

We need clean water in our daily life. Hope that the way to clean the faucet provided by Xiaobian can help you.

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