Do you have to buy a heavy faucet?

2020-11-03 11:47:09

Most people misunderstand the existence of faucets. The heavier the faucet, the better? In fact, it is the routine of bad businessmen. Many people mistakenly think that the weight determines the quality. In addition, the cost is getting higher and higher. Some businesses use the wrong idea to fill it with cement or sand. This kind of faucet may not be very different at the beginning, but it will come out after a long time.

Shengle bathroom indicates that the quality, service life and service performance of faucets are not determined by weight. The component is only related to the structure and wall thickness of the faucet.

In the past, due to the relatively backward Plumbing processing technology, customers often rely on the weight to judge the quality of faucets. It can be roughly distinguished that copper alloy with stable quality or zinc alloy with light weight and easy to corrode can be roughly distinguished by this method. However, with the help of new technology and new data such as gravity casting and new electroplating, the weight of water nozzle has been significantly reduced, reaching or far below the upper limit of the standard. Therefore, the above method can only roughly distinguish the poor products from the general products.

Generally speaking, faucets are mostly made of metal materials, so many people think that the heavier the products are, the more sufficient the materials are, the better the raw materials are. If the water pressure of the tap is too high, it may burst if the water pressure is too high.

Of course, the weight of faucets and raw materials are not directly proportional, some businesses may use some copper containing more impurities, or recover copper as raw materials, thus leading to the addition of faucet components. But this kind of faucet will have metal content overspend, also can cause pollution to the water quality, affect our health, so we must not judge the quality of the faucet only by its weight.


In addition, what details should we pay attention to when we buy flat faucets?

1. Should we choose a big brand for faucets? What details should you pay attention to when purchasing?

According to the experience and habits of customers, when choosing a faucet, you will always consider the big brand first. There is nothing wrong with this idea. The big brand itself is a kind of quality assurance. However, there are still many details that need to be paid attention to when choosing the faucet, such as the information of the faucet itself, valve core, accessories and raw materials, and whether the water volume can be full Meet your requirements.

2. How to choose a more suitable faucet for different scale basins?

As the current users are more and more seeking for feature planning, the scale of the faucet must also be considered when purchasing the basin. Never buy a small-scale faucet because it is cheap. In this way, it may cause splashing when the tap water is too close to the edge of the basin. Now most of the shops will recommend the combination of basin and faucet, which can help us avoid some mistakes when purchasing.

3. What is the general price of faucet? How about the price of faucets with different raw materials?

On this issue, the bathroom sister thinks that we still have to choose and buy faucets according to our economic ability. The price of faucets with different raw materials is also different. But don't be greedy for small and cheap products, and buy fake and shoddy products on the street.

Generally speaking, the raw materials of faucet are cast iron, plastic, zinc alloy, copper alloy and stainless steel. During this period, cast iron is easy to rust, plastic is easy to aging, zinc alloy is poor in stability and easy to burst, leading to short-term use, so it is not recommended to buy faucets with these three raw materials.

Therefore, we must recognize the national standard copper, also known as "59 copper" "HPb59-1 lead brass".

Another common raw material of tap 304 stainless steel, because it does not need electroplating, the surface can be polished, smooth and meticulous handle, no lead, corrosion resistance, almost no rust, more used.

The content of chromium is very high. If the 304 stainless steel with miscellaneous materials is used, it may precipitate excessive hexavalent chromium, which will damage the liver function. Therefore, the 304 stainless steel with investment casting should be selected when purchasing, which has SUS304 logo.

1. Look at the appearance

In order to avoid the corrosion of faucets, manufacturers will plating a layer of nickel and chromium on the surface of the faucet. The regular plating process is very particular and needs to be completed through multiple processes. Generally speaking, the more lubricating the appearance is, the better the quality is. In addition, if you press the surface with your fingers, the fingerprints will disperse quickly without trace, indicating that the coating texture is good.

2. Turn the handle

When choosing, it can judge the quality of valve core according to the feeling of rolling handle. Generally speaking, the customer up, down, left, right rolling handle, if feel simple, no block, it is better to clarify the spool.

3. Test flow

When choosing a faucet, we turn on the faucet to drain water, select the faucet with bubbler, and feel the water flow with fingers. The water flow is soft and the foam content is rich, which indicates that the quality of the bubbler is better. The bubbler generally has six layers, and is generally composed of metal mesh. The water flows through the net cover and is divided into many small water columns after passing through the net cover, with air mixed between them, so as not to splash water.

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