Installation and maintenance skills of basin faucet

2020-11-03 190

We believe that many people have different opinions about washbasin faucets. What about the height of lavatory faucets? They should be selected according to different people, scenes and other relevant identities. So, let's explain the precautions and contents of lavatory faucets in different situations.

Height of basin faucet

Under the same scene, when installing the basin faucet, there are certain norms. Then how high is the height of the basin faucet? When we wash, what we don't want to see is the splashing of water everywhere. So when installing the faucet, the strength of the faucet should be inversely proportional to the depth of the basin. How useful it is to avoid splashing. The height of the basin faucet under the standard scene is the same as usual in 80cm or 85CM, and others can be appropriately reduced or added according to the user's practice.


Skills of basin faucet installation

We all know that basin faucet plays a very important role in our daily life. The height of basin faucet device determines the degree of warmth when we use it, so we need some skills to help us make better use of it. In the installation of single hole faucet, its use frequency is higher, so the locking nut must be installed tightly, and can choose to stop fixing with the enlarged nut. Other devices in the stop, but also pay attention to the selection of special angle valve, in order to prevent the formation of withering, leakage and other scenes.

Basin faucet maintenance

We all know that the basin faucet will appear loose, water leakage and other problems after using for a period of time, so when stopping the basin faucet device, in addition to the basin faucet device height, device skills and so on, it is also necessary to pay attention to the maintenance. Under the same scene as usual, the stains attached to the surface must be cleaned up once a month, but the important thing is still to keep the interior clean. If the faucet is bifurcated, it is the bubbler that has problems. It is necessary to clean up with vinegar and small brush.

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